Grouping choices

There are two types of way to group choices:

  • Grouping layers: for example if a same part has several sub parts with individual layers, while still being independent.
  • Grouping choices within a single layer: used when choices need to be categorised within a single layer.

Grouping choices within a single layer

There are two methods to group layers.

Method 1:

  • Select the layers you wish to group
  • Then in the multiple selection menu, select “Create a group with the selected items”, after having typed a group name

Method 2:

  • Add a new layer
  • Change the layer type to Group
  • Drag and drop any layer you wish to be part of the group in the new drop zone.

Grouping choices within a single layer

When dealing with many choices, it can be beneficial to group them under “categories”.

The group option is designed for this.

  • To create a group, go to Content (1), and create a new choice in the desired layer.
  • Then enable the option “Use as group” (2).
  • A drop zone will appear under the current choice, in which you can drag the desired choices (3).
  • Once you have added the choices under the desired categories, they will appear in the front end categorised:

Quick demo:

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