Basic condition

The most common use case a condition will be used is to show / hide a layer depending on a previous selection.

Take the following screenshot:

The layer “Cercle” has 3 choices: Blue, green and orange. When each of this choice is selected, we want to show the relevant options, and hide the other ones.

The easiest way to do this is to have one condition per color.

Each condition will be as follow:

If BLUE circle is selected, Show the Blue color options.

How about hiding the other options?

We do not need to explicitly hide the other options, because we will use a similar rule for each circle color, and make the condition reversible. This will have the effect of hiding the layer if the condition isn’t met.

So the condition in the screenshot above will have the opposite effect if “Cercle > Bleu” is NOT selected. I.E. if the Blue circle options will be hidden automatically.

As we do the same for each color, only the appropriate option will be shown when a color is selected.

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