Product Configurator

Selling products with many options? Let your client build their product with LIVE PREVIEW. Don’t let them guess how the product will look!

Start using it for FREE, or add functionalities with the add-ons.

How does it work?

The Live Product Customizer
works with layers.
So you don’t need to prepare a picture
for each possible combination.
Instead, you prepare separate layers
for each element and possible choice
of the product.

Simple example:

Your product has 3 elements with 5 choices each.
That would take 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 product variations, and
you would have to make 125 pictures in order to represent the product faithfully.

With the Product Configurator for WooCommerce, you have to prepare 3 x 5 = 15 pictures (plus a few eventual decorative layers, such as drop shadows).

Make your life easier and give a great user experience to your customers by using our Product Configurator.

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Key features


The configurator viewer uses transparent images as layers to create the final product image

Multiple views

Display the different parts of your products using the multiple views feature

Price per option

Charge an additional price for each option that requires it.

Form fields

Let your user input data such as text or numbers, as well as send files with their configuration.

Form fields + Extra price

Using this add-ons combination, you can calculate complex prices according to dimension, or any other selection

Conditional logic

Build complex products, hide or show elements dynamically depending on previous selection or other parameters

Stock management

Manage stock of your configurator items, directly in the configurator, or by linking other products in the shop

Linked products

Link other products in your shop to choices in the configurator. They can be added to the cart to build bundles or complex products. Useful for example when linking to an external ERP software

Conditional logic

Build complex products, hide or show elements dynamically depending on previous selection or other parameters

Developer friendly

The configurator and the add-ons all have plenty hooks to extend or modify or add features. While the dev documentation is currently limited, the code source is commented, and you are welcome to send an enquiry to get guidance would you require.


[coming soon!] Selling complex products? Split your configurator in different steps to make the process easier to understand for your customers.



Out of the box the Live Product Customizer is fully functional.
But we offer great add-ons that will increase your marketing strengths or add functionalities.
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